Graduated students

  1. Joseph Scariza, M.Sc., MIT, 2003. Evaluation of ramp metering algorithms (Primary advisor: M. Ben-Akiva)
  2. Ross Beinhaker, M.Eng., MIT, 2004. The impact of intelligent transportation systems on supply chain management
  3. Emily Sterzin, M.Sc., MIT, 2004. Modeling influencing factors in a microscopic traffic simulator (Primary advisor: M. Ben-Akiva)
  4. Dan Florian, M.Sc., MIT, 2004. Simulation-based evaluation of advanced traveler information systems (Primary advisor: M. Ben-Akiva)
  5. Bhanu P. Mahanti, M.Sc., MIT, 2004. Aggregate calibration of microscopic traffic simulation models (Primary advisor: M. Ben-Akiva)
  6. Carmine Gioia, Ph.D., Copenhagen Business School, 2005. A microeconometric analysis of mergers and acquisitions (Primary advisor: S. Thomsen)
  7. Charisma Choudhury, M.Sc., MIT, 2005. Modeling lane-changing behavior in presence of exclusive lanes (Primary advisor: M. Ben-Akiva)
  8. David Zohar, M.Sc., Technion, 2006. Detailed modeling of the lane changing action.
  9. Lena Reznikova, M.Sc., Technion, 2007. Algorithms for cross nested logit stochastic user equilibrium. (Second advisor: S. Bekhor)
  10. Romina Katz, M.Sc., Technion, 2008. State dependence in lane changing models.
  11. Oded Cats, M.Sc. (Cum Laude), Technion, 2008. Mesoscopic simulation for transit operations.
  12. Wafa Elias, Ph.D., Technion, 2008. The effect of activity patterns on road accidents: case studies of bypassed towns (Primary advisor: Y. Shiftan).
  13. Tatiana Kolechkina, M.Sc. (Cum Laude), Technion, 2010. Off-line estimation of origin-destination trip matrices.
  14. Sharona Halon, M.Sc., Technion, 2010. Enforcement effects on road safety.
  15. Zohar Elias, M.Sc., Technion, 2010. A model for prediction of traffic event in freeways.
  16. Itzik Klein, Ph.D., Technion, 2011. Mitigating INS drift by software solutions. (Second advisor: S. Filin)
  17. Oded Cats, Ph.D., Technion and KTH, 2011. Dynamic modelling of transit operations and passenger decisions (Second advisor: H. Koutsopoulos)
  18. Ofir Hilvert, M.Sc., Technion, 2011. Models of parking search behavior. (Second advisor: S. Bekhor)
  19. Yichen Sun, M.Sc., MIT, 2013. Decision making process and factors affecting truck routing (Primary advisor: M. Ben-Akiva)
  20. Xiang Song, M.Sc., MIT, 2013. Scenarios discovery: robust transportation policy analysis in Singapore using microscopic traffic simulator (Primary advisor: M. Ben-Akiva)
  21. Tamir Balasha, Ph.D., Technion, 2015. Simulation-based optimization of actuated traffic signal plans.
  22. Sunbola Zatmah, M.Sc., Technion, The effect of distraction on driving behavior.
  23. Shani Gil, M.Sc., Technion, 2015. Multidimensional intergenerational model for the explanation of young male novice drivers’ driving style. (Second advisor: O. Taubman – Ben-Ari)
  24. Omar Mansour, M.Sc., Technion, 2015. Dynamic tolls for managed lanes. (Second advisor: J. Haddad)
  25. Shayma Sharif, M.Sc., Technion, 2015. Modeling toll lanes demand.
  26. Hend Manasra, M.Sc., Technion, 2015. Real time control for transit systems with transfers.
  27. Eli Buchris, M.Sc., Technion, 2016. Passengers’ preferences towards spots on the bus.
  28. Yael Shamir Mizrahi, Technion, 2017. Travel Characteristics and Usage Factors of Matronit Passengers. (Primary advisor: R. Katoshevski-Cavari)

Current students

  1. Omar Mansour, Ph.D., Technion.
  2. Sunbola Zatmah, Ph.D., Technion.
  3. Hend Manasra, Ph.D., Technion.